It All Started with a Bomb...

How Bath Bombs Saved My Life -

I hit a low in my life. I was severely depressed, hopeless, and I wanted to disappear. My partner suggested I do something for myself, something that could lift my mood. We decided on bath bombs. I researched the process, bought all the supplies, and a week later...I had a giant volcano mess on my floor. 

I almost gave up right there, but I decided to give it another try.  Ten failed attempts and tons of swear words later, I ended up with something that vaguely resembled a bath bomb.  

I was addicted.

From then on I made a batch or two every day until I had perfected the process.  Which led to another problem. I now had more bath bombs than I knew what to do with.

cashmere vanilla bomb

My solution?

Sell them to family and friends.

And that was the birth of Sad Girl Self Care.  I've since branched off in my addiction to making high quality self-care products, adding lotions, scrubs, candles and more.  

But Bath Bombs will always be where it all began.

Features of Our Products

  • Always Handmade

  • Made in small batches, no mass produced products

  • I use only high quality ingredients

  • Committed to Quality Luxurious products

  • All Ingredients are sustainably sourced

  • Giving back to the community is a part of my business model

rose 8 oz

Hand Crafted

Every Sad Girl product is made with

attention to detail, by hand. 

Quality Ingredients

Sad Girl is committed to using only sustainably sourced, high quality ingredients like Mango Butter, Palm Oil, Avocado Butter, Shea Butter, Grapeseed and Essential Oils.  Even the candles are made with high quality soy wax and fragrances.

Small Batches

At Sad Girl, nothing is mass produced. Every product is made in small batches, making it easier to control the quality.

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Contact Details
  • sadgirlselfcare@gmail.com
  • 915 South Auburn St., Kennewick, WA 99336

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