"I recently ordered from Sad Girl for the first time, and although I got a whole box of goodies, I have only had the chance to try one. I am obsessed with the Lily lemon loofah soap… The smell is amazing – a light citrus scent - and I love how the loofah feels inside the soap - it’s perfect! Not too scratchy, but gives you that little bit of exfoliation. I can’t wait to use the rest of the products - they were packaged superbly, and shipped very quickly. Very happy with my order!! 👍🏻👍🏻"


Kari Smith

"I absolutely love the soaps I ordered. they smelled amazing! and were gorgeous to look at."


Shea Marie

"The bath bombs were so concentrated and smelled sooo good! What a great! And the soap is so creamy and lovely! All the girls in my house were impressed -and we buy lots of homemade bath bombs and soaps!
Sad Girl is my go-to now! I’ve all but given up my “normal” bath and body products for these. Not only do I love to be supporting a small business but these products are far far superior to anything in a retail chain. The scrubs are heavenly, the soaps are so fragrant and luscious; the quality is just so far beyond anything store-bought. AND SHIPPING IS FAST! Can’t say enough! "


Shannon Hilton

"Purchased several different items and love them all. The sugar scrub bars do the job without rubbing me raw. my daughter LOVED the bath bombs and made her hair feel fantastic even with conditioner. 10/10 recommend."


Gee Cooper

"These masterpieces of soap, scrubs, butters, and bath bombs should be the sole reason they use technology to make it so you can smell things through a computer. Everything was packaged beautifully and the packaging itself was perfection on top of it. Buy! From! This! Shop!!!"


Ashley Bradley

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