Themed Posts

Each day of the week, I am going to have a different theme for my blog entries. This will help keep things organized, and make it easier for me to stay on topic. I will NOT be posting every day, this will just be a guideline for me to decide what to write about.
My themes will be as follows:

Monday: Manic Mondays. On Mondays, I will be highlighting some of my personal struggles with mental health, as well as explaining ways my mental health effects me as a business owner.

Tuesday: Good News Tues. Tuesdays will be all about the positive. Good things that happened to me, things I’m excited about, both in my personal life, and for the business.

Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday. On Wednesday, I will be going over different mental illnesses, their stigmas, and their struggles. I will also try to offer research and literature on the illnesses when possible. Wednesday will also be a day for me to post tips and tricks, coping skills, and management revolving around mental health.

Thursday: Thursday Thoughts. These will be the days where I share random stories, thoughts, and feelings I’m having at that moment. Thursdays will be a melting pot of topics.

Friday: Feature Fridays. Fridays will be all about product. On Fridays, I will choose one product or scent, and I will share my thoughts, processes, and feelings on them. These posts will be a great way for you to learn more about the different products offered at SGSC!

Saturday: Self Care Saturdays. Shortly, I will start collecting anonymous stories from my friends, family, and customers, revolving around their struggles, victories, and losses. On Saturdays, I will feature 1-2 of these stories to share on my blog.

Sunday: Selfish Sundays. These blog posts will be centered around the stigma involving being selfish. In these posts, I will point out ways you can be selfish for YOU and selfless for OTHERS. There are ways to balance the two.

I hope these posts will help people feel heard, supported, and loved. Let’s end the stigma around mental health together.

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